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Leah and Stephanie in dorms @ IU, JAN02 Leah @ IU, JAN02 stephanie writing on her message board @ IU dorms JAN02 Leah JAN02 Leah at IU's art museum, trying to get away ;) JAN02 Leah's leg and camera in Stephanie's dorm. JAN02 Meadow and Makayla. MAR02 Laurie and Makayla playing in the leaves. NOV99 laurie and me when we were younger, early 90s me circa 1985 baby makayla, winter 98-99 makayla sleeping on Gram's couch. Pennsylvania Christmas 2001. (those are my legs, btw) :P Laurie at the Grand Canyon, summer 1994. me, spring 2000 my sister, Laur, serving up cake and ice cream @ my parents Anniversary party, july 2001 me assembling my new desk, Christmas Day 2001 laurie and meadow right after nap time (in Pennsylvania, summer 2001) sunset in Pennsylvania, 2001 meadow, PA july 2001 meadow playing dress-up, PA july 2001 meadow being cute. Knoebles, PA july 2001 meadow and her baby doll. Christmas 2000 laurie and makayla on Christmas morning, 2001 makayla on Christmas Eve at my aunt's house, 2001 meadow in sunglasses, 2000 makayla and meadow making Christmas cards, 2001 laurie and makayla, Penn. oct, 2000