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So, here's the point of this little page... this is the kick-off of my new little design that i've been working on for a while... and i'm still improving. while in Pennsylvania, I discovered the secret to using image maps! woohoo!

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On Dating Service Commercials:
Let me first start by saying... um... HELLO?!? There are really these beautiful girls who are in this dating service and they're waiting for ME to call and make a date with them?! NOOOOO, I SERIOUSLY doubt that. I'm pretty sure they DON'T need help getting a date! =)

On the Library:
No joke, visit the Bartholomew County Library and I SWEAR, you will see the weirdest people. case #1, leaving after paying my enormous late fee. I walk outside and there is a tour group and they are gazing and "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing at the architectural wonder of the Library. And here comes little me out the door, so now they're all looking at me. I think I know what the animals in the zoo must feel like! Case #2, I'm leaving the library after getting what I call "my grown-up card." Seriously, I had been waiting to get my grown-up card at the library since I was like 6 years old, and here I am, FINALLY 18 and tada! grown up card. and now, there it sits in my wallet. I miss my teenager card. It was prettier. But to the point, there's this 30-something lady staning out in the middle of the parking lot in a black dress with little flowers on it and she's like looking in all four directions and her dress is blowing in the wind... kinda like a messed up version of Titanic.... only... in Indiana. I finally came to the conclusion that she must have gotten separated from the tour group. =)

On paintbrushes:
Now, you're thinking wow, he must be desperate. but, no! have you ever THOUGHT about who had to go to all the trouble to invent those little useful things. I mean, think about it. Do you know how messy it would be to paint the walls if not for the paintbrushmaker?!

On the blank cds I bought at Walmart:
Yeah, so long story, I have to restore my computer because now the sound is broken. So, the little tech support lady suggested that i go get some cds and burn anything of importance onto a cd. So, Paul volunteers do drive his mother alllll the way to Walmart (because Target is "too expensive," even if it is 10 miles closer). So i get in walmart and Mom goes looking for a hairdryer and I go looking for cds and tada! there they are. And the smalled package has 25 cds and costs $11. which... is really not that bad of a price! so... I copied everything I need and now.... well, I have 24 blank cds and nothing to do with them. I'm going to use 1 to make a disk of pictures for my sister.... but, then... well... hmmm.... Why can't they come in packages of 5 or 10?!?!?!

On Down To Earth
what a great movie. It's about the funniest thing Chris Rock has ever done.

On Walmart
I need a cure. I've gone to Walmart every day for the past 3 days. I really need help! Please do anything you can to help me! We must prevent a Walmart addiction.

On Shaving
Shaving: the biggest pain in the u-know-what. I thought being a grown-up was supposed to be cool and easier! =) hmmmmm

On Legally Blonde
RadioNow is eating up this movie, which makes me want to see it even more! The commercials (both TV and the radionow promotion)are hilarious!

From Pennsylvania Vacation:

On This:

After promising to myself that I would do this, I've discovered that following through only sounds good on paper- or, uh- cyberspace. So here I am, mid-way through my Pennsylvanian vacation and here's #1!! I know! This is a little sad that I can't even sit down and fill up a little bit of paper! so! To my point, I've discovered tonight that my inspiration must come through listening to music- not any certain music and my ideas rarely have anything to do with the song that I'm listening to (which, during the course of this little... entry or something, has ventured from Coldplay to Turin Brakes and has now comfortably settled into "Don't Be Sad" by Whiskeytown). So, for those braindead among you who believe music and thought are not connected, I beg to differ- and I'm not sure but I think Science might back me up on this one.

i have more but i have church really soon and I need to go. MORE SOON! and pictures, too

note to self: color chart